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A Big comet fell down in 2001BC,
To you, from messenger(Mr.Sherrock Homeless)  Jpan; 1996 March 17
True form of God A Message from Our Ancestors.
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              史実探偵: 平 素人   2009-11-11-Wen
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  There are mysterious megaliths that our ancestor left us, their 
descendants. Famous of them are the stone statues in Easter Land,
Stonehenge in England and the Carnac Alignements in France.
And Stonecircle in Norway, Sweden, Japan too.
 ( I inquire into July 2006, Stonehenge 270peces in Amazon too.? )
Why were these remaine created ? There is no definitive answer to the
question. The qurpose of them are not clear. I have came to a conclusion
that there remains which had been created since approx. 2000 BC.were
triggered by the collision of a Big Comet. Unbelievably, an absolute
majority of people survived even in this calamity. Or we should say that
in other words; they were saved by the beneficial rain that the calamity
caused. This made people believe the existence of god. This became
the nucleus of people’s behavior as a group. That is, people believed
the existence god, made a ranks of god, acted in accordnce with his
will, and developed into a society. This means a big building became
possible to be built.

  There appeared seholars who insisted that there was a pyramid in
Kazuno City, Akita Prefeture, Japan. Earthen vessels made in the
stone age were excavated around the top of the 80-meter triangular
pyramid which was thought to be formed. This theory has been
insisted only partially, and not been accepted generally. Since I had
been interested in a huge meteorite, the location drew my attention.

In the extension line of the northwest righe line of the mountain called
Mt.Kuromanta, there are Stonehenge and Carnac Alignements. 
Furthermore, in that extension line, Easter Island were aligned.
My prediction proved completely right. However, sorry to say, wherever
you mark at surface points of a water melon, it can be cut with a knife if there are only 3 points.

  (fig.1) Locus of Comet  and  Oyu in Kazuno City

               To :極秘報告書「巨大隕石と大津波」

  Therefore, I tried to find the fourth point on the line,then fournd the
various ground drawings scratched on rock surfaces in Nazca,Peru,
though this is a litle different type from the others.  Let us try to give an answer to this mystery. One of the ground drawings is sized over 200 meters, which is thought to be a condor. This drawings shaw in
fig.2 is indecipherable from ground level. Their survey technique is quite

  (fig.2) makeing from Quark special 
  Nazca Ground Drawing        Nazca PERU

The wide -spread wings and tail feathers,strong tarst, round head,
and long beak are impressive. However, the bird,which should fly toward the northwest,actually flies toward southeast. Furthermore, the beak of this bird is not hooked but straight and sharp at the tip like that of a carne. At present, a winter-bird crane cannot be seen in Nazca. A round head. That’s it! The round head symbolizes a big comet, and the beak symbolizes the tail of the comet. The bird does not fly toward the southeast. It expresses that the comet came from that direction. The people who drew this were more interested in the direction it came from as a messenger from the sun than the direction
it flew away.
  A closer observation of these pictures makes it possible to classify these drawings into 3 groups; fig.3, fig.4,and fig.5.  Fig.3 group expresses that the comet dissipated up above this city. However, the direction is artificial.

  (fig.3) makeing from Quark special

The wings, lengs, roots, and leaves express dissipation. However, if it
expresses dissipation, some parts are stange : eagle’s head, coral branches, bent neck of the bird. This probably expresses that the way of dissipation was not simple. 

  (fig.4) makeing from Quark special

It is emphasized in fig.4 ; long lengs of the spider, the internal organs of the bird which seems to burst out of its breast, long-hung face of the dragonfly. These imply that one of the dissipated pieces broke into pieces like a dish, and fell down separately from the group, fluttering and  meandering.

  (fig.5) makeing from Quark spcial
  (tidal wave)   

  It fell down on to Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. I will leave it for latter
fun to solve the mystery of the remains in this location, Chichen Itza, and the spiral in the third group, fig.5.

  The comet dissipated up above Nazca in the Southern Hemisphere around at 3:00 p.m.in the summer solstice, and  then went towad the
Strait of Dover in the northeast. The Stonhenge which was made to have a frome of collistion evidence is the spot where the comet fell down. There must be a proper reason for them to make such a great deal of labor to carry those huge stones to the plain. They cannot have
been carried to a spot of no significance. The direction suggests us that
the comet which received the message from the sun come in the winter
solstice in the northern hemisphere. Fig.9 show a supposed route of the comet.

  Carnac Alignemen which was created in around 2001 BC suggests us
that it is a passage of the huge meteorite. In Europe, there left a legend as follows. It occurred at night on December 24.  A red shining
star went through the sky. This red to the later Christianity, Christmas
Eve, and Santa Claus.

  (fig.6) makeing from GAKKN encyclopedia
      Corridor of huge Meteorite: Carnac aligncman France.
      Marking of Dragon: Ston henge England.

The red clothes and corn-shaped hat of Santa Claus express a comet,
and antlers of reindeer and branches of fir trees expressdisruption.
It come with a present, i.e., the beneticial rain, to the completely ground due to severe drought since the summer. It is questionable that Santa Claus come into a house from a chimney. Why do rational Western people still leave this for modern houses? This is a chimney rock which express that a huge stone invaded from the air stuck into the ground. Under the huge stone, there must be red blood or red flame mark.

Before a huge comet crashes the earth, a shock wave and crashing sound are caused. Tinkling sound of a reindeer bell may be a little too cust for a crashing sound that a huge meteorite causes. However, if the comes in such a loudness, children will be awake. If I were him,
I would give them presents quitly in socks which resemble a meteorite mark, and won’t care about red clothes nor reindeer.

  This huge lump was decelerated by resitance, and went to Sweden, Siberia, the northeast of China, and then toward Japan, scattering huge
meteorites. The Chinese likened this to a dragon. The horns and whiskers of the huge meteorite going across the air with a big head and
a long and thin tail expressed disruption, and the roar its big mouth must have roared in the air. A fireball in its sharp claw symbolizes a red meteorite. A dragon which goes up into the sky in rain, was trwated as a messenger of a god of water, because of the heavy rain caused by this big event.

  In an ocean surrounded country, Japan, there is a legendary monster, Kappa, he has a milky crown on the top of hed, and he is thought to pull men and beasts into the water. This suggests us a huge
lump which dropped into the sea, and thunami waves. People made huge meteor-shaped tumuli, which were later called keyhole -shaped tumuli, coffins made of Chinese black pine trees, which bears nuts similar to meteors, and buried meteor -shaped Dotakus which are supposed to have used when a tribal chief, a god incarnate, is changed.  (correction)  I wish to hear the sound once. It must be the
sound which a huge meteorite causes. Here again, red blood to of offering a sacrifice to a deity follows about.

  (fig.7) makeing from GAKKEN encyclopedia
  Tumuli and Dotaku

  When talking about a message from our ancestors, thereare three key
words; i.e., meteor shape, red coloe, and roar. They promise fertility
accompanied with a sacrifice. We should know that these are hidden and handed down in the styles and shapes that we believe to have been
succeeded since early times.

  Scattering the fragments, this huge nucleus  arrived to the final point, Japan, at last. There is a stone circle in Hokkaido. The stone circle in Oyu models on the moment of collision verywell. There are two
triangular-shaped places near the pyramid Mt.Kuromanta. If Mt.Kuromanta is a pyramid, it is difficult to be thought that thisis the only one pyramid there. This must also be investigated. Meteor shaped items
of the stone age called stone stick have been excavated in the Chubu region and northward. The Chubu region and the northward is the location where the nucleus went down in height.

  (fig.8) makeing from GAKKEN encyclopedia
  Stone circle in Oyu
  and Stone stick(MEIJI University)

Fig.9 is the map of the ToHoKu region in Japan.  I drew a line passing above Kazuno city toward the southeast. However, strange to say, the coastline of A is of complicated shape called a ryas coastline while coastlines B and C are simple. I general, we pay attention to what we believe to be special, but do not pay attention to what we believe to be normal. This is because the invasion of the tsunami caused by the  huge meteorite is in the location which does not affect B and C, and is not for in the ocean, and comes near to land.

Kesennuma Bay is doubtful, ad so is Kamaishi mine. The great tsunami
caused by this shok washed the surface soil of A away. Stones and rocks scattered and a great deal of vapor was released in the air. It shook the ground and caused a volcano to burst into eruption. The blown-up volcanic ask becam a uncleus of heavy rain, and it poured onto the graund.

  (fig.9) BC.2001 December 25,  
  Big Comet fell on Japan!(Tohoku region in Japan)
  Orbit of a comet!

  The great tsunami instantaneously swallowed the sstone age civilization
in the Pacific Ocean, swept it for away to the Easter Land. There are
approx. 1000 pieces of stone statues called Mai, and some of them weighs as 20 tons. It is astonishing that there was such energy in this
small island. Most of them are erected whith their backs to the ocean.
In general, we are more comfortable when facing to the ocean, so we
erect gtaves, etc. so that they face to the ocean. This direction of the
statues means the direction of landing,i.e., landing from the ocean, and also means the tsunami. Several of them are giants with a cap- shaped items on the heads, made of red tufa called Pucao, and they are standing with their mouths tightly closed and looking up to the sky.

  (fig.10) makeing from Quark special(ORION PRESS)
   makeing from Quark special
  An owl man

The inverse T-shaped red caps imply the huge meteorite that flew over the sky was red, and so they took the trouble to quarry red stones at the crater. The nunmber of the giants is also a problem. When you have enough materials and labors, you will hesitate how many giants to be made like this: One is too lonely, and then it should be too.  Or, it had better be three rather than two. However, when it exceeds around five, the figure has a meaning. Building these giants requires a
great deal of labor, and so the number of the giants suggests us the number of the disrupted pieces of the comet. To show one of the disrupted pieces was separated from the group, the giants were made to stand upright with their thumbs bent backward. Then, why do they close their mouths tightly, and look up at the sky? When we are astonished, we will wide open our mouths. The people of the ancient time were astonished with the big event, gazed at it, and handed down the fear to us, their descendants.

  The great tsunami occurred in Japan reached to Nazca, Peru in approx, one day later. Let us back to the mystery of Nazca Ground Drowings.

  (fig.5) makeing from Quark special
  It injured by Tsunami

  The spiral in fig.5 shows the tsunami, The dolphin, fish, bird were injured, destroyed, and reached to the seashore with their backs facing to the sea. Even a long-tailed monkey which cannot be seen around there are drawn. There was no doubt for them to draw plenty of there marine products and floating wreckage which had been transported by the
great tsunami, as gifts by the god in the heaven.

  The great number of straight lines are precious data of approx.  4000 years ago, of the movements of the aun and the constellation,which was thought to be of its group. One of them shows the direction
of the sunset at the summer solstice. It might come again. The ground
drawing called an owl man who wide opens his eyes and highly raises his right hand who is drawn on the mountain surface does not look at the direction regardless to this. Can you believe this? The mesas where
Nazca Ground Drawing are drawn is located 50 kilometers from the sea,
and 500 meters in height.

  Let us talk about a tsunami. Tsunami is a word of Japan which is surrounded by the ocean. The Wave of Tsu, Tsunami, means the wave
entered into a port. It goes on rampage at a V-shaped offshore of a bay which is shallow to a considerable distance from the shore, and instantaneously goes up to the land. However, in a small ship floating on the ocean, the tsunami are sometimes not felt.  Or, at a monotonous seashore、 or on an isolated small island, it is felt only to the extent that the water level becomes higher. The speed of a tsunami
is approx. 700 Kilometers per hour. It gose faster at a deeper place,
and slower at a shallower place near a seashore. A floating matter is likely to be carried away, and sinkig matter isn’t. A small or light matter is likely to be carried for away, but a heavy and big matter isn’t. A round-shaped matter is casily to be carried away, but a squarish matter isn’t. 

“When a force is transported via a medium of water, a substance is extremely efficiently discriminated.”
The above seems to be natural, but it becomes the key point to make further attempt to solve the mystery.

The remains at Chichen Itza in Mexico, which were the fallen point of the meteorite, were the ritual center the heart of a sacrifice was taken out to be given to god. This shocking rite modeled on the big event of a huge meteorite, falling down, with extreme accuracy which shiddered us. The solution to this mystery will be described later.
I would like to add that this “A Message from Our Ancestors” is a part
of my reports.    ( 極秘報告書「巨大隕石と大津波」

This huge message from an ancestor instructs what ancestors should leave for our descendant how. Thank you very mach. I surely took this message.    口   Re-announce; 2008 July 24

Received :  1 April 1994; accepted 11 January 2006
1. Masuda,Y. Supervision Antiquity-Ruins time travel Quark Special 1,4-63

Connected :  11 January 1988; accepted 11 January 2006.
   Mr.X-man  Message from Ancestion.Kyodai-Inseki & O-Tsunami 1, 6-224
  BUNGEISHA(Tokyo,2005) http://www.Boon-gate.com  


  Good luck!   TO BE CONTINUE
Sanks.(1) 2010 May 23. ~ Sanks.(4) 2011 Feb 03.
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